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We relieve the pain of repetitive project communication and make teams and individuals prosper by connecting their tools into a resilient, dynamic and intelligently connected toolchain. Our customers are happy to pay for the increased productivity by having their calendars, chats, emails and PM tools connected without being locked into a single platform.

Why Choose ProChat

Some Awesome Features

Platform independent

ProChat is not the next app you have to install – and it is no all-in-one platform solution you have to bind to. ProChat enables you to use your existing tool-chain and enables seamless communication and integration of the tools you love

Consistent Data

Different tools and tool providers are specialized in their field. Using the best tools for the respective tasks often requires manual data transfer between the tools. This is monkey work and leads to costly errors! Let ProChat take this job and enjoy your tools with consistent data everywhere, right away!


Repetitive tasks should not be done by users – they are inefficient and error prone. ProChat automates your recurring tasks for you!

Zero Overhead

Using extravagant tools for simple tasks leads to people fleeing to the simple solutions – direct communication in the chat! We enable teams to manage small tasks right out of the chat, with automated data consistency with your Project Management Tool. For more complex tasks, users can still use their PM-Tools. ProChat enables consistent data in all channels!